Hello, from Michigan

I am semi-new to PHP I tried to get into it off and on for a few years and this year I made that commitment. I am self-taught web designer and graphic designer, I taught myself html css and a very small amount of javascript years ago from a site called htmlgoodies I think around the age of 15 or so.

This has always been a passion of mine but I have never done it full-time. (I have been janitor for 17 years) As the age of 40 closes in every year I would really like to do this more.

I am not a know it all, I will never claim to be. I learn by doing, over and over again. I am excited I have found a helpful community some of the others I have joined will nail you to a burning house if you mess up a post or ask questions in the wrong format.

I am not sure what else to write about.

Places I have found helpful in the past have been htmlgoodies.com w3scools.com the net ninja on youtube and now this site, I look forward to talking meeting the rest of the community.

Welcome to the site, Scruffy!
Ask your questions and we will help. There are many expert PHP programmers on this site. And, other language experts, too. Please feel free to post any programming problem you are having and someone will help you.
Make sure you place code examples inside the < / > tags so we can copy the code quickly to put into our own editors for testing. Looking forward to your posts…

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