Hello, again


Here’s my post so I don’t get deleted. Hello to everyone. it’s been a number of years since I’ve been here. Hopefully I’ll be able to contribute some answers this time. I think I’ll head straight over to the beginners section!



Welcome (back?) Tom. Sorry for the inconveniences you had getting logged in/on.

I didn’t know/realize that you were a member before. If so, I probably deleted the account. When I took over the domain from Builder, there had been (at some point prior to me) a lot of posts that had gotten lost (probably pruned). Thus as I cleaned up the user base (any user who had no remaining posts and had not logged on for an extended period of time), your userid may have gotten deleted.

So to you (any another other user affected) that might have gotten deleted and shouldn’t have, I apologize.

And Thank you for making a post. Again, for anyone else reading this, users who register and don’t post, will be deleted and risk being banned (as spammers often do just that).