Having Trouble Formatting The Date


I am trying to take a date data type, with a value of 11:00:00 in the data base, and convert it to say 11:00 am. (more importantly, a value of 14:00:00 to something like 2:00 PM) I have looked at all of the php formats for date/time etc. nothing seems to be of any assistance.
I have tried this:

as well as this:


$deliveryTimeBegin is the “time” data type with a value of 11:00:00

It all comes back like this: 07,00, or 0700
The rest of the times are 00:00:00 right now, and they have the same result.

If someone could please help me on this it would be awesome, and please try and avoid sending me to a php function page, they don’t seem to help me out much.



Now iv read it for the 15th time i see what u want to do, best advice i can give it convert the field in database to verchar and manual add your own date. simpler solution.