Having an issue with placing an image


Never used PHP before and downloaded a webcomic navigation template. I have everything working but 1 small issue.


<? if($strip_id != 0) {print("First Comic");} ?>[/code]

I want to replace the text “First Comic” with an image. Every method I have tried has turned my whole index blank =P

Thank you for any input.


Could you state which methods you’ve tried? As far as I know, you could simply replace the text with any HTML you’d want (keeping in mind that doublequotes and dollar signs should be escaped).


<?php if($strip_id != 0) { print("My Image"); } ?>



Thank you very much! That worked.

<img src="/images/myimage.jpg" alt="My Image">

This is how I was doing it. I wasn’t putting in the

Never had to do that with html so I didn’t know about it.

Again thank you very much ^^

I also tried lots of other weird things I can’t remember now =P


Well, glad the problem was solved. And yes, is the escape character in PHP.