Hey guys my name is Gareth Small I go by GarethDylan or Gareth Dylan, and I just wanted to say, “Whats up!”. I’m new to the PHP Help Forums, but I have been developing for quite a while, and I’m pretty new to design. Currently I’m working on a website for a prison pen pal service; so i’ll keep you guys up to date on my progress for what I hope is your brutal critiques. I am on facebook at and I just set them up, but I’ll keep them updated!

Welcome to the group!

First I have to say Welcome to the group! I won’t knock you that you’re from Columbus, Ohio and the only time I won’t say anything to you is the last football game of the year (Michigan -vs- *** Ohio State). ;D (I’m joking)

I’m leaving these forums… right now… haha just kidding. Ohio State will be victorious this year!

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