Greetings from Malaysia =)

i just google-ing around ‘php community’ and i found this site.
from the url, it seems this community ready to help people. (which i also want to do, help people)
I love Programming very much and I’ve programmed since lower-school.
Ive learn Qbasic, REND386, C/C++, HTML, CSS, Javascript, VBscript, and PHP. On top of everything, I love PHP very much. Ive been writing PHP program for 3 years now, and i’m ready to share my knowledge with you guys.Hopefully, you guys can share your knowledge too…

ps: malaysia is a country in asia… near Singapore & Thailand

welcome and greetings from germany.

please don’t take me to seriose, i love ironic and sarcasm. and expecaly love to make fun of myself. if u stay around for a while or read some of my old posts u gonna realize that nothing u might take as a offense was ment that way. and will get used 2 my spelling mistakes as well.

we always aprishiate any help.

PS: germany is a country in europe… near France & Poland

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