Greetings from LODGUM

Dear friends,

We would like to introduce ourselves, we are a group of enthusiasts that work on creation of LODGIUM, new concept social platform, but for now we will not go into more details because it is not an advertisement post, it is just self introductory.

We have joined this forum to gain new knowledge and to aid those who need the knowledge.

See you all in the forums.

Best regards,
LODGIUM programming team.

Welcome to the forum…

Feel free to advertise your company in your signature, you should be able to include links in your signature after 10 posts.

Great! Thanks a lot

Sounds fun, I shall watch out for it in the (near?) future.
Welcome to the forum :wink:

Thank you once again.

Yes, it will be fun. We plan to launch the alpha platform in couple months.


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