Greetings from Cleveland!


Hello everyone! My name is Tommy and I am currently the webmaster for

I’ve built and administered many websites and php forums/bulletin boards over the years but after a 10 year hiatus it seems my php skills are all sorts of rusty and I’m back to noob status. I can still read HTML like Neo sees the Matrix but that’s not really much help at the moment ;D .

On a personal note I am a professional broadcaster, a hard core Star Wars nerd, jeep owner (she owns me actually), and father of 3. I’m a US Army veteran and have had the honor and privilege to see the world thanks to the Uncle Sam Travel Agency. I’ve been married to the same, incredibly patient, woman for almost 26 years and in addition to the 3 kids we have a few cats and a couple of in-laws living with us. I hate social media but I respect it’s value as a communication tool…but I still hate it. That’s about it.

Although my php knowledge is limited and rusty I’ll help in any way I can.


Welcome to the Forum.


Thank you!


Welcome to the group. We are but a small faction, but you will see the same people for the most part.