Greeting from South Carolina

Greetings, I am Dada Bellmon (DAH DAH not DAY DAY) :wink:

I am a US Army Veteran, Business Professional and Full Stack Software Engineer and CompTIA A+ Certified Professional in PC, Network, Server and Security Support. I’ve been programming since 1990 (self-taught in high school on Apple Basic). While in the Army I went to school for Commercial Art in 1993. Then taught myself HTML and starting designing websites by 1995. This was the start! Then after learning JavaScript, then Java, then VB, then finally found PHP around 2002. I think I was actually a member here before in the mid 2000s. Degrees in Math, Physics, Computer Information Systems and Technical Management. Certificates in Information Science and CompTIA A+. I have been away from PHP for almost a decade now while mostly working in .NET. Then started doing work in Nodejs and Angular. I’m getting back into PHP as I am working on my own home network an using PHP to design my Intranet on on my Ubuntu Live Server. Hope I can learn alot here!

Welcome to the site, Dada ! You have been a busy computer person! Lots of background in that list! PHP is well used in the world and a lot of people end up here for help or to help others. It appears you can do both, too. Help some of us and be helped by others. Glad you could return.

Welcome, or rather, welcome back? I’m more on the .net side myself sort of and an Army Vet as well. Glad to have you here.

How about that, I am a Army Vet as well.

Never knew that and we’ve talked for years!

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