google rank listing


Googled on PHP and help - we didn’t even make the first 8 pages of listings … We are in trouble.


indeed, however if you search for PHPHELP! It comes up on top.

Perhaps, we… the users, need to help out, by creating our own advertising on our respective sites that can be picked up by the search engines and help this site out. Although, I think once the word get’s out… It will be back up to capacity (of users) in no time.


Does the site have a banner, logo or button I can put on my personal site? What other ways can you think of to get the word out?


the link exvhange is the best method,
we even can go a* to set up automated linke exchange registartion page, that will put other site info on some page that noone exep Google will see, and then post Exchange link advertisement on many such sites… he he, thats what i did long time ago for my personal page and it ame up like 10 first pages on .ru net (well that wal long time ago)


The problem with the site, I believe, was that the sessions table needed to be repaired.


Acecool, waht do u mean?


Remember, when the site was down, there was a sessions table error or so…

It could not query the sessions table…

Same error happened like a few weeks before it went down for a while…
I told the guy to run the query to repair the table, it worked the first time, then never heard from the guy again…

Tried emailing again and well… no clue…


well I actually dont remember waht was wrond at that time… as to my knowlage I think that was the login table or so…

we any way I dont think thats affect google ranking that much… exept the part that we lost lots of users because of that


I know I was offered a mod position here at one point and was an op in the live chat…

Couldnt do the mod due to being busy with work etc…

I would be willing to exchange links with though :-)


yea, i think moat of us qould be willing to exchange links with this site ;-)
by the way who is the admin? is it Bane? or some one else?


well just red the About Us page :-)

Also I’ve added the link to PHPHELP on my website… if any one else wants to exchange links with me go here:


The administarator is builder though Miles and peg110 do the Moderator stuff. As far as I know Builder has been MIA for a couple of months. None of us know who brought the site back up.


i like that MIA ha ha