Google Maps, direct link using URL to map only


Is it possible to have a .php script that will generate a Google Map by lat/long coordinates? I am working on a - partialy offline - database and application. I need to show a map that is based on pre-entered lat/long coordinates. However, the app I am working in won’t allow the use of code (like php) but it does allow to load a webpage into a container.

I’d like to know if it’s possible to have a page like which generates just the map of that coordinate? I could then load that map into the container…

If so, does anyone know where I could find a hint of that code? I’m not good with PHP at all but I’d like to offer this feature in the aaplication I’m building.

Thanks in advance!

You may need to check Google Maps API: Also, there are many PHP classes that have Google Map functionality what you need.

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