ghost user logged in

I have weird thing happening on my computer. I am developing a site, which I have open in Firefox running under EasyPHP with Windows 7 and simultaneously I have the live internet version of the same site open in SRWare Iron.

Every now and again a user from the live site appears to be logged in on my test site at home. This stays there until I log in and log out again using that user’s details. I have worked out, that a Mysql table containing user registration data on my test site is being updated with the last access date of my own activities on the test site. So my user and this other ghost both appear to be logged in on my test site at home. The ghost also stays on the live site at the same time even though the real user is not there any more.

I can only think that there is something wrong with the session set up. All I do is to set and start a session on logging in and unset and destroy it on logging out. Even if that is wrong, how can the user from another browser and another site appear to be signed in?

I have from time to time copied live data onto my test site and this included accidental copying of the session directory, but I deleted that afterwards.

It is all somewhat disconcerting and I am not sure what to do.

This is how I start the session

[php]if (!isset($_SESSION)) {
session_cache_limiter (‘private_no_expire, must-revalidate’);
and this is how I end it

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