Hi. I am trying to do a single task but I can’t start to use the PHP. The company where I work has a website in Looking for PHP and HTML websites for HELP I was directed to W3schools . There, it is said: “If your server supports PHP - you don’t need to do anything! You do not need to compile anything or install any extra tools - just create some .php files in your web directory - and the server will parse them for you. Most web hosts offer PHP support.” We called the Bluehost and they told us that we could use PHP without doing anything in our computers. I can use the commands in a link from Bluehost, but when I use PHP instructions included in HTML instructions in a Web page example doesn’t do anything. We were directed to put those examples in the Web disk but it is the same. I don’t know if maybe I have to specify something in my Internet options or what. Thanks for any help.

make a blank .php file and include this in it:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Go to the page on your host… if you have lots of text on that page, you are php enabled… if you can view the html source and see that exact code pasted in, then php is disabled!

Didn’t do anything; so we will call Bluehost. This was the html with inserted code:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Type the information of the tutor:

Amount of students

But the page stayed as before. We’ll see what the representative says. Thanks.

Just create a file with ONLY the following in it:


Save it as phpinfo.php

then navigate to it by going to your host such as

It (generally) MUST Have a .php extension. You don’t need ANY OTHER code in the file to see if this works. Just as stated above.

It sounds like you may be naming it with an html extension, is this the case?

Sorry. Now it worked when I changed the extension to PHP; the extension before was HTM. I didn’t know I had to use the PHP extension. Thanks.

It is possible to use an extension OTHER than .php, however, you would have to configure your webserver to look for it. Since you are using a “Hosting” company, this is probably out of your control.

In the case of using htm or html, the down side is that EVERY htm or html page would have to pass through the PHP Parser regardless whether there is php code to be processed or not. On larger systems (such as hosting sites) this could just put too much of a load on a system so Hosts will generally NOT do this.


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