get the zero'ssssss

i have a numbers like this

#num = 0000001289

now, i want to remove zeros on it.
i tryd many code like this

result = 001,289

$reference=number_format($num, 0, “0”, STR_PAD_LEFT);
result = 10289

what is want is like this -->>> 001289

any idea please… tnx :)

naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i got it i use

$reference=number_format($num, 0, ‘.’, ‘’);

but the result is like this = 1289 i think this one is ok
but if you have the code to result like this = 001289 just post it tnx… whew!


:D :D tnx dude..... i will put you logo after i finish the program...
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