$_GET Problem

Hey Guys,

i’m kinda frustrated already.

i’m trying to create a ticketing-system just for fun and have quite a few problems.

first of all, i have a ticketoverview, where all tickets entered are shown. on the right site there is a link to a single ticket where all details should be shown in a popup window.
[php]echo ‘


since i have set the parameter “id” i thought i could use the code
[php]$sql = “SELECT * FROM newticket WHERE ticket_id=’” . $_GET[‘id’] . “’”;[/php]
to display all details in the database for the special ticket_id.

unfortunately, it doesn’t show anything…

Anyone can help please?


I think problem is because “click” is actually processed by javascript in your code. You may need to pass the id parameter to your javascript popup() function, and then modify this popup() function - i.e. add extra argument, add changes to function code.

onclick="return popup(this, 300, 300);"
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