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Hi Group, this is kind of hard to describe but I’ll tell you what I want. Thanks in advance for any help.

I have a database that is putting some data on to my webpage, specifically links to other sites, kind of like a directory. The user will need to have the ability to flag a website for review by clicking X.

website 1 X
website 2 X
website 3 X

I am using while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
to get the data.

The X is an image file. When the X is clicked, an javascript comments window comes up. Through this window, I post the comments to a php file that records the comments in a database. However, I cannot figure out which website the comment is for.

I need to be able to post website1 2 or 3 into the database as well without the user having to specify.

Hope that makes sense.


essentially all x is is a trigger to open the javascript window, need to figure out how to pass more data along when x is pressed.

Post your code along with the processing php file and javascript.

Hi, thanks for responding. I got this solved a few days ago.

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