Get File Content - hidden extension

[size=12pt]Hi everybody … i have a URL i am using it to send SMS, it is like

and i am using the following code to get the file content because it show a message based on the result of sending the message (sent, fail, or other result)[/size]




case ‘1’:
echo ‘Success­’;
case ‘0’:
echo ‘Fail’;
case ‘Invalid login’:
echo ‘Invalid login’;
case ‘Missing or Empty Field’:
echo ‘Missing or Empty Field’;
case ‘Invalid Message Language’:
echo ‘Invalid Message Language’;
case ‘Insufficent Balance’:
echo ‘Insufficent Balance’;
case ‘Invalid Sender’:
echo ‘Invalid Sender’;
case ‘Sender name is not activated’:
echo ‘Sender name is not activated’;

[size=12pt]the problem that when i put the file name in the URL like (sendsms.php) and then the parameters, the above code show the result correctly , but when i remove the file name … i don’t get any result.

So is it possible to get the file content from a URL like that?[/size]

Not sure if I understand… you want to remove the name of the script from the URL? How would you access the proper script - it would just default to index.php?

actually it is a URL i get it from service provider to send SMS, and they didn’t show the file name

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