get email info after sent to database


How to get an e-mail with the info from the form back in my inbox after the info is sent to the database. How do I do that?

This is a part of the form:

<FORM action="<?php echo $editFormAction; ?>" method=POST name=orderformEng id="orderformEng" onSubmit="MM_validateForm('name','','R','address','','R','city','','R','zipcode','','R','email','','NisEmail','keywords','','R','name','','R','address','','R','city','','R','zipcode','','R','email','','NisEmail');return document.MM_returnValue">


We need to know a LOT more than that. That is just javascript code. What is the database table like? What kind of database is it? Where is the code that inserts it into the database?


Don’t have my HTML book handy but can’t you also do a mailto thing in the action… but then you don’t get it inserted into the Database…Hmm… how about using a simple mail() - - in the PHP after it has been inserted into the DB? K.I.S.S. - Keep it simple stupid :)