_GET and _POST from the same form

I have a form where a user enters a 4 digit pin then submits. I also have 2 mysql tables. One that holds the username and pin number, table_pins, and one that will have a timestamp and a username, table_clockdata. How do i validate the input from the user in the table_pins and then post the username that matches the pin in the table_clockdata along with an id and timestamp? I can upload my code if that helps explain things. I’d also like to mention that i am using to php pages. One has the form the other is to process.

Just like you’d validate anything else. When the person enters their pin, run a select query, if something is found, run a insert or update query in the second table. If nothing is found, let them know they have 10 seconds to get away before the computer explodes :slight_smile:

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