Generate files?


Instead of having url parameters and using Them to fetch data, such as

I want to have different file names and fetch THE correct data based on the File name. For example.

My question is: is it possibly to somehow create these files dynamiclly? Atm i have Them static meaning IF something should be changed in every File(49 files) then i have to do it manually 49 Times and this does obv not work.

I cant come up with a fix for this. If possible, i DONT want to fake the files with server config. I want to stay away from that

You would be heading in the wrong direction. Dont do that. You should have ONE entry point.

You might look into setting up a clean URL as I think that is what you are looking for? You would still have file.php?n=1, but the user would only see something like file/1 or something to that effect. Just Google clean URLs or RESTful URLs to learn more about it. Using clean URLs is the only way to go if you want SEO to rank your website. All the big websites do that in some form or another.

You could use something like wit Node or Ajax/Json to do something like that but you would be dependent on javascript.

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