General error -


I am the administrator of I have run into an issue with this forum after an automatic update by the website hosting service, dreamhost, to PHP 7.2. The forum was running on PHPBB 3.0.12 and became disfunctional after the update. I tried to follow the update instructions in the admin panel on the forum to upgrade. The advice suggested removing all extensions prior to attempting the automatic update. I did this and the board became inaccessible, while the ACP was still accessible. After this, I followed some advice and logged in via FTP with Filezilla and attempted to delete the install folder, as I was getting an error which said ‘please delete, rename or remove the install directory’. After doing this I am getting this general error (attached). Is there any hope in restoring this forum? I have tried to keep it going for sufferers of PSSD as best I can but I have very limited knowledge of all of this stuff. Any advice, whether at a price or otherwise, would be appreciated.



Once you’ve completed the update of the forum itself, you’ll need to reinstall the extensions you were using. This error is appearing because a table has been removed from the database; reinstalling the extensions should put it back.

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