GD help



Im trying to sned an animated gif though GD, But it is not animated on the other side

Any ideas ?

Code is Below


<?php header("Content-type: image/gif"); $fp = fopen("info.txt", "r"); $handle= fread($fp, 1000); $handle=explode('|~|',$handle); $a=$handle['0']; $end=$handle['1']; $album=$handle['2']; $now=time(); $a =explode('-',$a); $artist=$a['0']; $song=$a['1']; if(($end+5)>$now){ $top='Currently listening to:'; }else{ $top='Music not playing, Last song played was:'; } $stuff=trim($song).' by ' .trim($artist); $im = imagecreatefromgif('music.gif'); $color = imagecolorallocate($im, '1', '1', '1'); imagestring($im, 3, 103, 5, $top, $color); imagestring($im, 3, 103, 50, $stuff, $color); imagegif($im); imagedestroy($im); ?>[/code]


What version of GD Lib are you running?
This is what I found at the FAQs of GD Lib.

Does GD Lib support GIFs? -
Yes. Support for GIF was restored in gd 2.0.28 on July 21st, 2004. Support for creating GIF animations is also available. Note that gdlib-config --features can be used to list the image formats supported by gd. Versions of gdlib-config prior to recent updates do not support the --features option, which can be understood to mean that GIF is not available.

This maybe the problem.
If not let me know what version you are running and I will see what I can come up with, I don’t have the a lot of experiance with GD, but should be able to come up with something.


im running 2.0.28 im trying to upgrade to 2.0.30 but i dont really know how lol never installed it seperatly

tryed this on 3 servers now 2 running 5.2.1 and 1 running 4.4.4

original image is

if thats any use to you

Thanks for the reply :D


is there any way i can,include an image and write to a different one ?

for example

| | |
| | |
| | |
|_____| __________ |

Like that with the left hand image being unaltered and the right hand one having dynamically changing text ?