GameQ help (php error)


I am a little new to php and what I am trying to do is use the GameQ script to show my game server information on my site. What is GameQ? Well you can find out a little more info from this site: . You can download the code at this page:

I set it up to the best of my ability on the site by following the very very basic explanation given on the site above, but the problem is that there is no readme that is a little more detailed to help me set it up correctly. I am receiving an error which can be seen here:

Also, my game servers on the site always say, “The server did not respond within the specified time.” no matter what I do.

So, I am wondering if there is anyone who would be able to explain what exactly my issue may be and who can help me through the provess of setting it up right with an explanation/tutorial or guide so it actually reads info from my servers and shows it on the site without errors.

I have spent a week trying to figure it out, I have spoke to the support people from the website host and they told me “In our shared hosting environment we only open the following [ports]: 21, 80, and 443.”
But I don’t know if this information is of any us or not, but I have also spoken to a few support people on another site and they told me

"You need to isolate the problem.

Q. Does it work with the original examples.php file?
__A: No
_____A problem with php setup, version, UDP, config?
_____Ask your web host ?
_____Ask the author of GameQ?
__A: Yes
_____ A problem with your new php file?
_____Try with different servers/ports?
_____Ask GameQ author?
_____Ask on php forums?"

So I sent an email to the author of “GameQ” but they haven’t responded nor do I think they do much support since the “help” section of the GameQ site doesn’t have any answers to any questions anyone has posted.

That is how I ended up here. So I hope that someone will be able to help me out and give me a bit of an explanation of how I would go about properly editing and setting up the php files.

Thank you for your time!

can you post the first 15/20 lines of code from the script ‘go.php’ here please for me to look at as it seems you have an error on or before line 13.

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