frontpage slideshow installation

Hi, Can anyone help me install the static version of frontpage slideshow? My site runs the e107 software. I was told if I bought the package it would work on any php or cms site. I have unzipped everything and copied the fpss folder into the main root folder of e107. I have been told to insert the following text <?php include("/fpss/fpss.php"); ?> into my theme but when I do it then loads blank. I really don’t know where it should go in the theme. It also tells me to direct the fpss.php to the theme!!!

Can anyone help please? :)
I can email over the php’s for the fpss and theme.

Thank you

If you paid for it, you probably have support for it. Contact the authors/distributors of the package and have them solve your problem for you. They know more about it than we do.

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