From Where to Start PHP

Hello PHP Help Forum,

I want to learn PHP and I am fresher in this line. Can you tell me from where to begin with php. I want to become a programmer in next 1 or 2 year.

Well you could take a look at : there are several articles here that could help you along Occasional tutorials here.

There are also several online tutorials that you could check out. Just google PHP Tutorial. A big one is

There are also several books available that are a good resource. If you purchase from : … TF8&node=4
Then this site will benefit as well (It’s the same as going to directly, but this site would get a benefit from it).

There are some good places to start

First of all, I don’t know how old you are, but if you really want to become a programmer, you should learn how to figure things out by yourself (and I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Google before). Trust me, I know.

As for a ‘start from scratch’, I think buying a good manual would be a start. Then try to understand some (simple) premade scripts, such as tagboards, etc. Trial and error is a very good method (it worked for me ;)).

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