Freelance Job - Search Engine Improvement

Now that my biggest change is over and done with and still can’t believe I did it, am now looking for someone who would be able to fix something with my search engine for artist/songs search. This time I know for sure I cannot do it, as it requires real coding change. One change is a bug fix with the displaying of results (was probably by design) and one is a small improvement on searching. The skills required for this would be someone when looking at the attached text file which contains a part of the search engine code (only copied a chunk of the search engine code) :

…would understand what they are looking at. If someone is interested you can contact me and I’ll give you a demonstration of the problem with instructions on how to reproduce it. I do believe this would not be complex for someone with experience with code such as the attached

search_engine_part.txt (1.94 KB)

This is getting boring, but I was able to resolve my two issues by myself again, I don’t know how, but trial and error and determination :o. If I ever need anything major done, really beyond me, I will be sure to come and post here.


Do you really find it boring that you are doing programming tasks you “know for sure I cannot do it, as it requires real coding change”? I would find that rather exciting…

Change your attitude to “everything is possible with coding”, and learn programming yourself. Then the sky is the limit :slight_smile:

nahhh am an IT professional in another area, so do have a talent at understanding things and trying things, but never was interested in the programming side of things PLUS I have passed the age to learn programming, I’ve got my jog, then its just party and music ;D.

But now it’s all done, they were small things annoying me for a year. Am well pleased with myself indeed. :stuck_out_tongue:

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