Free Webhosting and is it really free or a scam for upgrades

I have been using the following host for some of my websites

It seems ok but a bit slow at times, it has reasonable up time. Does anyone else use this host and is is worth upgrading to get a better service!!

It’s been my experinece that NOTHING is for free. There is some advantage to someone (other than yourself).

  • Sometimes that advantage is the knowledge of a good deed or helping someone else (as I find is often the case in such things as Open Source Software).

  • Sometimes the advantage is “Free” Advertising for the “UPGRADED” version (as you have alluded to). They hook you with “FREE” then they SNAG you with the “Add-on’s” or “Upgrades”.

  • Sometimes the free is an outright scam.

This site is hosted for “Free” by with the caveat that we give them some “Free” Advertising (at the bottom of every page and on the main page of the site) Which I am happy to do given the expenses ( and headaches) that can be incurred.

Only you can decide if it’s safe, secure and/or worth the upgrade. I guess you need to balance the cost of upgrade with the level of service you expect. I don’t think the host itself is a scam, however they are relative “NEW” to the internet (WHOIS has a creation date of 24-May-07 ) so they are only about a year old. If they were a true scam, I suspect they would have been put out of business by at least August or September of 2007

Most of the companies offer free hosting services…
They are less reliable… So i suggest you that proffered low price hosting services instead of the free hosting…

Hi there,

From my personal experience, free websites usually have a catch like having to advertise something on your website or you need to get something in return for the website. Unless the free website is a part of another package, you should really REALLY read the terms and conditions of the deal and make sure everything is to your liking.

Hope this helps.

I use only for testing my projects while collaborating with others.

000Webhost is a bit slow, especially when FTPing. It’s free, but it comes limited to only 2 MYSQL DBs, 5 e-mail accounts and abut 1.5GB of server space and 100GB monthly bandwidth.

I think for testing is great since you have everything you need to run DB driven websites and they don’t force any advertisement on you. However, I would not upgrade to their paid package as I don’t know if your paid package is faster than the non-paid package (or servers).

I believe the best host out there is They have superb customer service and their servers are pretty fast. I use a lot of videos on my sites and they load really fast. I have used Globat for over 10 years and so far so good.

Sorry to bring this back up, but…

With free sites, you’re usually getting just the basic services. All the ones that i’ve delt with didn’t have php/mysql support (which was a catch to get you pay for the hosting). You really just need to go through what they offer and see if its a fit for what you’re working on.

I haven’t used a free host in quite a few years, but i only pay $5 a month for everything unlimited and 3 domains. its cheap, which is what counts for me :slight_smile:

I agree with richei, there some great hosts out there which are really cheap one of my hosts cost my $8 a month for that I can host as many domain as I need to.

There’s no need to limit yourself and hosting is so cheap.

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Why are you replying to a seven year old thread with adverstisements of hosting companies?

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