Forum Login Issues


I’m a novice so yeah…
I am using FUDforum and I am in the process of fine tuning the script. Unfortunately, since I am a novice programmer who barely understands the basics of PHP, (and I am seemingly unable to wrap my head around the explanations and lessons given to me via books and the internet [I really aught to sign up for a class or something],) I’m having a hard time doing it. One thing that I am trying to change, is the fact that the quick login box is below the Category list, I’d like it to be on top. However, when I tempt to move the quick login script above the Forum script in Dreamweaver, the quick login box disappears altogether in my browser. I have already tried moving the script to where I want it to be in a text editor or in Dreamweaver (I have already said this in the previous sentence but people on other forums don’t seem get it. Please do not reply “All you have to do is move the script in a text editor…”) If you need more info just ask for it. Thanks in advance for the help :D


If you’re using a premade forum script, those usually work with html templates (using variables to insert PHP-generated content). You should be able to move around with it there.


I’m gonna really feel stupid asking this, but… Can you explain that a little more? I know what template means and I kinda get the concept of variables but what kind of template and variables are we talking about? (I know dumb, aren’t I?)


I’d say willing to learn, rather than dumb :)

Templates are HTML bits stored somewhere (could be in the MySQL database, much like vBulletin does, or in separate files on the server, like phpBB does), and they contain variables for PHP to replace with generated content (content that is generated in PHP that is). Templates are usually used to separate the functional layer (PHP code) from the presentation layer (HTML).

Chances are though, that your forum doesn’t work with templates at all. So what forum script are you using?


I use FUDforum. If it did use them, where can I find these templates? The board is set up weird, it uses a skin system, so the index.php in the root directory for forum doesnt have the design and stuff, you have to go into the default folder under themes and select the index.php from there. It says you can design your own themes but they don’t give a design wizard or step by step process as far as I can tell. Meaning to make a new theme I would have to start from scratch and I don’t have that kind of skill. you can take a look at it if you like