Forum improvements

This is just a simple suggestion - editing posts would provide the possibility for a user to correct a mistake (like one I’ve made by forgetting to close a BBCode tag) without having to call a moderator. It would be a quality-of-life change, and I reckon some people would like that.

(Can we have signatures and avatars while you’re at it? :stuck_out_tongue: )

Signatures, avatars and editing posts - all these features will be available to you once you have 25 posts, and your membergroup automatically upgrade to ‘Regular Member’. We had to restrict editing posts for new members because of spammers.

Roger that, thank you for the notice on the post limit. Is this written anywhere? If so, I’ve missed it, and I apologize for the question.

While we’re at it, could I ask you a question? Are the tutorials free to write - as in, if I were to write one…can I just post it?

On the registration screen, at the bottom there is a highlighted sentence about 25 posts limit.

As for tutorials, sure it’s free to write :slight_smile: You can post your tutorials right here in the Occasional Tutorial forum. Or, if you prefer, I can add it in the tutorials section, just PM me.

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