Form values to retreive a sheet.

Hello guys. Maybe the title is not clear enough, I wouldn’t have enough room to explain what I’m having issues with anyway.

I am fairly new to php, but I am a quick learner, and if I can be pointed in the right direction, I can get what I need finished, so please help me out.

What I’m trying to do here is make a form, to take 2 values, an API composed of a KeyID and vCode, retreive all characters under that API, and have the user select one out of 3. Once that is selected, have 5 specific values sent to a mySQL table for registration, 2 out of those matched to a whitelist to validate the registration, and if the whitelist clears it, use userservice?type=add&secret=testingpassword&username=testingaccount&password=nopass&name=testingaccount&[email protected] for a Jabber account creation on our server. where &username= has to match 1 of the 5 values from the API.

So far, I’m having issues with the form talking to the API server, but that’s something I can sort myself. What I can’t get to yet, even after entering the KeyID and vCode manually, is to have the characters send the 5 specific values ot the mySQL, to check with the whitelist, clear and register on jabber.

I guess not. No worries guys, I figured it out. All I needed was to make arrays.

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