Form question to include HTML & PHP code. I get email, but it doesn't have user input from website

The PHP code sends me an email from the server, but the user input is empty or “blank”. I only receive: "From: \ Email: \ Subject: \ Message: " and that’s it.

How do I fix my PHP and/or HTML code to receive user input from the form? Here is my existing HTML and PHP code that doesn’t send me any “user input” from the form.


Thanks to anyone who can help!!

First, please edit this and remove the email address. Otherwise, you will be spammed at some point!
(NEVER post usernames, passwords or emails…)

Now you have your code mixed up somewhat. You set the subject as the message. The formcontent is a header of some sort. You need to either swap the two in the mail() function or fix the logic of where they
are created. Best to do the second one. Loosely like this:
$subject = " From: $name \ Email: $email \ Subject: $subject";
$formcontent = “Message: $message”;
Also, note that you spelled $email wrong as $Email… Hope all this helps you fix it…

Also, see the answer you got on one other help forum about 11 hours ago. The letter-case of the form field name attributes must match the letter-case of the $_POST array index names.

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