Form Not Working

HTML Code:


  • Items
  • Information
  • Finalize

Item to raffle

Please enter the desired item schema


Please enter information about raffle

Entry Fees

Please enter the entry fees

[/code] Hello, My form is not working means its not submitting to php file. Some help would be really appreciated. Thanks

You need to post the rest of your code.

The above mentioned code it complete.
Do you want me to send you php code/css/js

The code is not complete. Where is process.php?


  • User: seupoj
  • Date: 06/03/14
  • Time: 9:36 PM
    // long fucking process

$item1 =$_POST[‘item1’];
$info1 =$_POST[‘info1’];
$item2 =$_POST[‘item2’];
$info2 =$_POST[‘info2’];
$item3 =$_POST[‘item3’];
$info3 =$_POST[‘info3’];
$slots =$_POST[‘slots’];
$noofpeople =$_POST[‘noofpeople’];
$Duration =$_POST[‘Duration’];
$otherinfo =$_POST[‘otherinfo’];
$entfees =$_POST[‘entfees’];
$entinfo =$_POST[‘entinfo’];

// i need to enter this in databases…


// Check connection
if (mysqli_connect_errno())
echo "Failed to connect to MySQL: " . mysqli_connect_error();

mysqli_query($con,“INSERT INTO tstraffle VALUES (’$item1’, ‘$info1’,’$item2’,’$info2’,’$item3’,’$info3’,’$slots’,’$noofpeople’,’$Duration’,’$otherinfo’,’$entfees’,’$entinfo’)”);

if(mysqli_affected_rows($con) >=1)
echo ‘DONE’;
echo ‘did you miss something??? cause its not done…’;


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