form help

okay so i made a form, after they hit submit i would like for it to display all their information in a table… how do i do this?? or any ideas where i can find this. i have been searching on google but no luck

what do u mean with “display all their information in a table”?

$fields(‘fname’=>‘First Name’, ‘field2’=>‘Desc of Field2’, …); //for validation and nicer desc

echo ‘

foreach($_POST as $field => $content)
echo ‘’;
echo ‘
’.$fields[$field].’ ’.htmlentities($content).’

ill have to try that and see if that worked…
but what i meant is… when the user fills out the form… after they hit submit if it was all filled in correctly with no errors… i woudl like for all their information to be dispalyed in a table…
does that make better sense? lol
ill try out what you sent me tho thanks.

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