Form comming up empty

I have a flash website. The comtact from php is sending a blank email. No information that is imputer is being sent??
can anyone help??


Hi there,

Do you have the code that controls the sending of the email?

Here it is

<? // local variables from the Flash ActionScript posted variables $senderName = $_POST['userNameTF']; $senderEmail = $_POST['userEmailTF']; $senderPhone = $_POST['userPhoneTF']; $senderComment = $_POST['usercommentTF']; // Strip slashes on the Local variables for security $senderName = stripslashes($senderName); $senderEmail = stripslashes($senderEmail); $senderMessage = stripslashes($senderMessage); // My info $to = "[email protected]"; $from = "$senderEmail"; $subject = "Contact from your site"; // messagebody $message = "Message from your website: Their Name: $senderName Their Email: $senderEmail Their Message is below: $senderMessage"; // Build $headers Variable $headers = "From: $from\r\n"; $headers .= "Content-type: text\r\n"; $to = "$to"; // Send the email mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers); // Assemble the message that goes back to Flash // The flash ActionScript is looking for a return variable of "return_msg" $my_msg = "Thanks $senderName, your message has been sent."; // Print the data back to flash who is patiently waiting for it in the onCompleteHandler print "return_msg=$my_msg"; // Exit script exit(); ?>

Is it putting in the “Their name” “Their email” bits? or is the message completely empty?

The form is coming up empty. It is an empty email Name nothing Phone nothing Message nothing the tags are in the email but not the inputed info

I can only assume that the POST variables are wrong, either in the fact that it isnt quite spelt like the name of the field, or the form hasn’t got ’ method=“post” ’ set. If so trying including the variables within the message using string truncation wherein you put:

[php]“this is my text with a variable (”.$variable.")";

Whay happens if you remove the stripslashes section?

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