foreach function output not as a list?

I am using a wordpress plug in and have a problem. I want the output of an array to NOT be in a list but in a straight line (no line breaks just a pipe and space  | ) the developer has been less than helpful. He keeps telling me to remove the
but I have no clue as there are no
s. Am I right in assuming that the “foreach” function only outputs in a list?

Here is the code:
function tp_widget_do($args) {
echo “<div class=”" . NO_TRANSLATE_CLASS . " transposh_flags" >";
foreach ($args as $langrecord) {
echo “<a href=”{$langrecord[‘url’]}"" . ($langrecord[‘active’] ? ’ class=“tr_active”’ : ‘’ ) . ‘>’ .
transposh_utils::display_flag(’’, $langrecord[‘flag’], $langrecord[‘langorig’], true) . ‘’;
echo “<a href=”{$langrecord[‘url’]}"" . ($langrecord[‘active’] ? ’ class=“tr_active”’ : ‘’ ) . ‘>’ . “{$langrecord[‘langorig’]}
echo “”;

Thnakyou so much for any help.

Hi there,

Try rewriting it or just removing the classes on the parent div. It may well be done using CSS.

Hi Smokey,
Thank you for replying.
Frankly I would love to rewrite it however I have not sufficient knowledge to do that without messing up the entire plugin. (a little knowledge is a dangerous thing!)
I tried with new class but that did no good.
Here is the div info for the header placement of the plugin:

<?php include("/signup.php"); ?>


<?php // A header sidebar for widgets, just because. if ( is_active_sidebar( 'header-widget-area' ) ) : ?>
  <?php dynamic_sidebar( 'header-widget-area' ); ?>




<?php endif; ?>
[/i] and here is the css for same: [i].bar { width:208px; height:130px; list-style: none outside none; }

padding:0 0 0 10px;


I may well be trying to do more than I should.

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