Hi peeps

this may be an apache or mac osx issue, but i’m exploring all avenues. I’m running Flash MX on OSX Panther using the built in Apache Server. My scripts are okay because this works on the servers we use at work. For some reason, when i try to load variables in flash, it just returns the code ie: "print ‘foor=bar’; and not an actual variable!

I know this isn’t strictly a PHP issue, but perhaps someone else has suffered the same problem, if so, i’d be mighty glad for a point in the right direction :)


Can you show us a little more code? (not too much!) I’m on OS X too, but without a little more information it’s hard to say what might be the issue. You’re passing these variables from PHP to the Flash movie, but they don’t appear correctly in your ActionScripts?

Same versions of Apache & PHP on your servers at work? Also, same kind of text: character sets, line endings (Windows vs Mac), etc?


I’m just trying something very simple,


<? print "foo=bar"; ?>


then in flash, i create a dynamic text box with “foo” in the variable option, which should display the value of “foo” when it becomes available. Then i use the load variables function

loadVariables ("foobar.php", _root);

It does load the file “foobar.php” but just the text of the document. for example, when i check the variables in the “test movie” thingy, it outputs the actual code…

<? print "foo=bar"; ?>

So it looks to me as though apache isnt executing the script and is just sending the raw text to flash. hope that helps, unfortunatly its one of those things that the more you look at it, the more complicated it gets.


Wow, I found the answer, although don’t ask me how or why this works because i dont know!

If you have the same problem, then goto applications>utilities>net info magager

in the menu bar, goto security>authenticate

enter you password then go again to security>enable root user

follow the prompts and thats it, flash and PHP are best friends again.


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