First post... I need to know how Difficult this would be...


I’m messing around with PHP lately ever since i started hacking my VB like crazy over the past year and im in love with it! I’ve read several books now but i’m still confused like a normal n00b!

I build HTML Templates and i’m trying to develop a way to have a customer enter their Information through a form then Select a template from a Drop down menu and click “Go”… the outcome i need is for PHP to “print” this information to the Template they chose.

In other words their Company, Name, Copyright 2004 and any other information would be “printed” onto the template they chose for a certain amount of time…

Is this possible? and if so can someone help me by pointing me into the right direction??? i need to find this information out FAST!

Thanks in advance!

  • Clint


Yes, this is possible.


Form data is east to retrieve: $_GET[name] or $_POST[name]
After this you just need to write the information into a file containing the html (if this is the way you want to do it), search for tutorials on php file io