Firefox bug for close button in my code.


I hope this is the correct place.

I have a floater ad with a close button on my website. It works perfect with chrome but on firefox the ad does not close out. Here is the code I am using, I am sure it is something small that I am not seeing, thanks in advance for any help.


Close [X]



#1 suggestion, open up your browser tools and see what error is being throw.


Thanks for the reply and sorry for the limited info in my op. When I click to close out the ad using firefox I get redirected to a new page with only the following. [object HTMLDivElement]
and this in my address bar: javascript:window.parent.document.getElementById(‘juicyadsfloat’).parentNode.removeChild(window.parent.document.getElementById(‘juicyadsfloat’))

Sorry, I am a total noob with this and any help would be most welcome.


That’s because that is what is in the href attribute.


So are you able to tell me what is wrong with my code,what needs to be done to correct this or should I just go somewhere else to ask for some help. Sorry, like I said, I am a total noob with this.




Try putting the string that is in the href, into the onClick handler.


ok, Thanks for your help, as stated, I am a noob, still can’t figure it out, guess I will just remove the ad all together.