Firefox and php files

Hi, I recently noticed something with my Firefox bowser (v. it wants to open or save a php file rather than run the code. I am trying to make a contact form, but when I test it and push “submit” I’m asked to choose an app (I use a Mac) to open or save the file. I only noticed probably within the past three months. Not sure where to begin to find a solution. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

I am running on my machines and haven’t noticed this problem. I can’t speak for Mac’s however as I am on a Windows box.

You could post the code you are trying to use and we could see if there is anything different there.

Sounds like your server software doesn’t know what to do with the extension (like zipfiles, it just kicks it to the client to deal with it in its own way: open or save). Find a manual/tutorial for your server application and see if it says how to add the association between .php and the PHP parser engine.

Thanks Ragster00 and Zyppora for your replies! I think it was my server. I posted my contact form on another server and it worked fine. I looked into why my server worked previously and it was because my employment status changed (I recently completed grad school). Now I would have to pay extra to correctly use php. Thanks again for your suggestions!

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