Finding a suitable host


I am now considering putting my PHP app online full-time; and, I have kind of trawled through Google for web-hosts (I would like to deploy a VPS).

Having floated a few webhosts to a friend, or two, I get more criticism than actual solutions. Hence, why I am posting this.

What, or which hosts do you use, and why? Or, which are your suggested choices?


What do you need of a host? I really like digital ocean, they offer a simple web ui and api to create scalable “droplets” (vps’), have kubernetes management, extensible storage options, networking stuff between the droplets like firewalling/load balancing/etc. They recently added managed databases as well so you at least get relieved of some of the devops.

Remember that running your own vps/infrastructure means that you will have to do both the coding, deployment and maintenance. Devops is a rather large field in itself and many seem to just “deploy and forget” while the vps software quickly becomes outdated. Just something to be aware of.


Thanks for the reply.

I am pretty much looking for a package that allows for a good level of scalability (and, hopefully, unmetered bandwidth).

I also do not wish to spend a lot of time wondering whether this, or the other, is going to incur an extra, unnoticed, charge, or not (etc., etc) (clear, concise pricing options).

With this said, I am basically aware of the challenges of keeping things up-to-date. Which leads to the other requirement that I have:- where, I like to ensure that my software is up-to-date; hence, would appreciate a host that would allow me to expediently do so.