Filename with "$" is getting missed by preg_match - use escapeshellcmd?

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I am trying to build a filter for sorting/removing files;

However, upon testing I have noticed a certain type of file which is getting through the net despite being named with a “(Japan)” country identifier (which should be filtered) at the end. I think this is because of the dollar sign ($).

The file in question:

Quiz$Millionaire - (Japan).zip

I get the error below when running the script. It echo’s the file correctly, but then when attempting the mv
it reports it with “$Millionaire” missing from the middle of the string!

mv: cannot stat ‘Quiz (Japan) (v1.0).zip’: No such file or directory

I have been told I need to use $thisGame = escapeshellcmd($thisGame); in the code below, but when I do it messes up my regex matching for everything else - so I think I have to modify my regex? - but I’m a beginner and don’t really know how to fix it! Code below:

[php]$gameList = trim(shell_exec(“ls -1”));
$gameArray = explode("\n", $gameList);

shell_exec(‘mkdir -p Removed’);

// Do this magic for every file
foreach ($gameArray as $thisGame)
if (!$thisGame) continue;
// Probably already been removed
if (!file_exists($thisGame)) continue;

// Non-Engish speaking countries e.g. (France) or (Japan)
if (preg_match('%\((Asia|Austria|Brazil|China|Denmark|Finland|France|Germany|Greece|Hungary|Israel|Italy|Japan|Japan, Asia|Korea|Netherlands|Norway|Poland|Portugal|Russia|Scandinavia|Spain|Sweden)\)%', $thisGame))
    echo "{$thisGame} is a foreign language release. Moved to Removed folder.\n";
    shell_exec("mv \"{$thisGame}\" Removed/");


I’ve also been told to replace the line:

shell_exec("mv \"{$thisGame}\" Removed/");


shell_exec("mv \"" . escapeshellcmd($thisGame) . "\" Removed/");

But unfortunately if I try that I get the error:

mv: cannot stat ‘Quiz$Millionaire (Japan) (v1.0).zip’: No such file or directory

Could anybody help me? I’d be super greatful! Many thanks


If you are going to just copy and paste the same question across multiple forums, you could have at least dropped the text you copied off their forum.


Sorry! I don’t know how this got posted twice :-[

I think I tried to edit out the top part and post it again and delete this one, but It wouldn’t let me! Sorry again.

For anyone interested, I solved this with
[php]shell_exec(“mv “.escapeshellarg($thisGame).” Removed/”);[/php]