Filemtime error?

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I’m having a problem with a bit of script I inherited when I became webmaster of a site. This is the error we’re getting:

[php]Warning: filemtime() [function.filemtime]: stat failed for /home/public_html/site/modules/chat/cache/locations/2_0.tch in /home/public_html/site/modules/chat/areas/chat.window.php on line 101[/php]

On line 101 in this file I have:

[php]$tch = filemtime( PATH . ‘modules’ . S . ‘chat’ . S . ‘cache’ . S . ‘locations’ . S . $get_[‘location’] . '’ . $get[‘zone’] . ‘.tch’ );[/php]

Now this .tch file is chmod’d to 644, I’ve also tried it at 777 and 755. No dice. The ‘S’ is a directory separator, FYI.

Any help is appreciated. I searched and searched … no luck in finding an answer.

I think stat failed means the file does not exist. If you have ssh access, type this:

stat /home/public_html/site/modules/chat/cache/locations/2_0.tch

It will either return the results or it will return ‘cannot stat’ if the file does not exist.

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