Filed not updating in database

I have a form and i need to update email address when user edits it. The old eaiml should get deleted and new one should get saved. but its not working

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Sorry to hear about your form not working.

hi, can you help me with it?

With what? You didn’t post anything.


static get_deal_building_info(deal_id, building_id){
        return new Promise(resolve => {
            let data = {
            let data_obj = {
                url : `/api/dealboard/deals/${deal_id}/buildings/${building_id}`,
            this.observable_handler = new generic_handler();
            let cur_req = this.observable_handler.observable_post(data_obj);
                    next: (res)=>{
                    error: e => comparison_data.show_error(),
                    complete: () => {



  $this->altoRouter->map('POST', '/api/dealboard/deals/[i:deal_id]/buildings/[i:building_id]', function($deal_id, $building_id){
            header("Access-Control-Allow-Orgin: *");
            header("Access-Control-Allow-Methods: *");
            header("Content-Type: application/json");
            header("HTTP/1.1 200 OK");
            $data = json_decode(file_get_contents('php://input'));
            $success = false;
            $decoded_response['message'] = "";
            $manage_sharing_permissions = new manage_sharing_permissions();
            try {
                $building_id = $data->building_id;
                    $check_deal_id = get_deal_id_from_building_id($building_id);
                    $deal = new deal($check_deal_id);
                    $client_id = $deal->data['client_id'];
                    $client = new client($client_id);
                    $contact=new contact($client->data['primary_contact_id']);
                    $client->data['first_name'] = $contact->data['first_name'];
                    $client->data['email'] = $contact->data['email'];

                    $building = new building($building_id);
                    $deal_contact = new deal_contact();
                    $landlord_info = $deal_contact->get_mandatory_deal_contact($building_id,'company_contact');
                    $building->data['first_name'] = $landlord_info['first_name'];
                    $building->data['email'] = $landlord_info['email'];
                    $deal_data = $deal->data;
                    $client_data = $client->data;
                    $building_data = $building->data;

                    $decoded_response['deal_data'] = $deal_data;
                    $decoded_response['client_data'] = $client_data;
                    $decoded_response['building_data'] = $building_data;

                    $success = true;


  function get_mandatory_deal_contact($deal_id,$request_type='company_contact'){
        $this->name = "deal_contact";
        $this->find("deal_id = '$deal_id' AND contact_type = '$request_type' AND is_mandatory = 1","","contact_level asc");
        return $this->data;

this is the part of the code for updating email address when user edits it. When i try to manually update the filed value in db, its getting updates and is reflected in the page. But not through the code

I see nothing that updates anything?

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