file upload


Ok now I know how to work with CSV files, but now I need to upload it to the server, and I forgot how to upload files,

So can some body remind me…

Also I remember that from last time I hade problems with movind file from a temp dir or something like that…




not working, I mean info is not more then documentation,

cas somebody show the Working example?


That IS a working example. I actually pulled a section out of my working code. Since your intitial question is somewhat vague I cannot give much more detail.

If you have a code example that you have tried that is not working, then please post it and we can look at it. I (and most others) generally are not going to write your code for you . ALso it is helpful if you can provide us with the Platform you are working on and any error messages.

Please also see



developing platform is Windows, all permissiaons for tempdir and PHP dir are set,

operating platform FreeDBS, Apache


The site is not