FFmpeg: localhost vs. web-host

Hello everybody,

I have a problem, and I don´t know how to solve it. I have assigned a programmer to help me.
The task was to create PHP-file that makes from 10 small/short mp4 (10-15 sec) videos one big mp4-file (1:20 min). His PHP-file works perfect at his localhost (xampp).

But on my web-hosted -server it didn’t work. Some Code. The hoster installed the ffmpeg for me and said it works. How is that possible?

<?php //phpinfo(); $ffmpeg = trim(shell_exec('which ffmpeg')); //or better yet: $ffmpeg = trim(shell_exec('type -P ffmpeg')); if (empty($ffmpeg)) { die('ffmpeg not available'); } shell_exec($ffmpeg . ' -i ...'); ?>

—> No Errors

I really need that PHP-file for my work. And I don´t know how to solve it. It would be great if somebody has an idea or advice for me.

Kind regards,

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