Hey there, I’ve been messing with trying to get some opcache system installed. I first tried APC but I abandoned it in favour of zend opcache which i haven’t had much luck getting going either. so i tried to reverse most of my changes but now im tailing my apache error_log and im getting a bunch of errors all along the lines of :
[fcgid:warn] [pid 29884:tid 47235767224064] (32)Broken pipe: [client xx.xxx.xx.xx:xxxxx] mod_fcgid: ap_pass_brigade failed in handle_request_ipc function, referer: http://sportbikemovement.ca/member/1-sparkybp/media

can you guys help me any further in diagnosic what’s happening?

Well, that is not a PHP error, but, a FAST-CGI error.
There are several reason why you may be getting that error message.
I am not familiar with that error, but, I found reasons why in Google.

Go to www.google.com and use this for the search words:
ap_pass_brigade failed in handle_request_ipc function

You will see a long list of links of how other people solved this error message.

Hope that helps…

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