Fatal Errors on 1 server but not the other sever

Hi I have the same files on 1 server running Redhat Enterprise Linux 5 and PHP 5 HP Version 5.2.14 and not getting the Fatal error for undefined funtion…but I have the same files on a CentOS Linux 5.5 and PHP 5 same version 5.2.14 but getting "Fatal Error for undefined function…I don’t understand why my scripts are working on one server and not the other server…the same files…

Why would a "fatal call error for undefined function…occur on 1 server and not the other server…any assistance would be appreciated…not sure where should I look…so far I have compared everything…

Hi there,

I would have to assume that it is a custom written function, and you are using an absolute include() path. Make sure the include() path is correct for the other server (for example you might be using “/home/fhlinux…” etc on one server, but the other one may have a different structure).

If the above doesn’t apply, or generally doesn’t help you, try posting the script where the function is included or called - that may help as well.

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