Facebook and Twitter integration for my website


I am willing to pay $100 (negotiable) for anyone who is willing to help me integrate my website to Facebook and Twitter using PHP (Preferably straight PHP, but it can be Javascript(jQuery preferably)). Though I don’t just want the script to be uploaded to me and say here it is, I want to learn how to do it. I have tried in the past to get my website connected to the social media websites with limited success. What I’m looking for is a login system using Facebook’s API and Twitter’s API, so I can use their registration system (along with mine), so I can concentrate on developing my online games and blog (CMS). If anyone is willing just email at
jrpepp [at] pepster [dot] com and use Facebook/Twitter integration. If you just know how to do Facebook that would be fine, but Twitter would be an extra bonus. Also just leave a comment like I pm you in this thread, so I can check my junk mail in cased the junk filter grab the email.

Thanks John


What kind of integration? I know that facebook has quite a few ways to integrate.