Extracting individual vaues from a query string


Hi there,

I’ve used the cUrl library to return a query string from a remote server to a variable. The

query string looks a bit like this:


At the moment, the whole of this query string is contained in a single variable ($qstring) so if I print $qstring, “message_id=a1&recipient=unit1&sendday=fri” will be sent to the browser.

Can anyone tell me how to break the values “a1”, “unit1” and “fri” into individual variables

so that I can start using them in the rest of my code like this:

$message_id = “a1”;
$recipient = “unit1”;
$sendday = “fri”;

I’d like to achive this in the same php script rather than sending it to another page to GET

the elements of the query string.

Thanks in advance,


explode() or split() should be able to help you out in that department :wink: