Extract the <title> from html pages on website

Hi all,
I am building a site with a documentation section and would like to create a dynamic listing of the pages on the home page, using the title and p1 on each page in the docs folder on the site as each page is added. Can I use php to do this?
Is this post in the right place?
Any help welcome to get this done

Are you saying you want to write a PHP script to scan your site and look for all pages and create
a list of the pages using the title’s in each? That would be a lot of work. Scanning webpages and
looking for all sub-pages would be a large amount of code.

It might be easier just to do it yourself since you already know all the pages on the site. It would be
very easy to just creative a list of pages and display them. How many pages are you talking about?

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